Mission To Care Initiative Launches

Today, the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) announced its “Mission to Care” initiative, which incorporates the Association’s guiding principles and policies for the year ahead.

Increase Access to Health Care:

  • Continue to advocate for the extension of health care coverage to uninsured Floridians. Extending health care coverage to more Floridians will enable greater access to primary care, encourage prevention and early treatment of chronic illnesses.
  • Support legislation that increases care delivery efficiencies, including advancing the use of telehealth, telemedicine and telenursing technology.
  • Expand the use of non-physician caregivers, such as nurses and physician assistants, to increase access to primary care.

Improve the Quality of Health Care:

  • Build upon initiatives to improve care by reducing patient harm and avoidable readmissions through the FHA Hospital Engagement Network (HEN), part of the national Partnership for Patients initiative.

Reduce Health Care Costs:

  • Develop a health care price transparency proposal that creates an All Payer Claims Database to collect health care claims data. Gathering all health care claims creates a far more complete picture of our health care system and equips us with important information to achieve better health, better care and lower costs.
  • Continue to provide information on hospital financial assistance and charity care policies as well as available billing resources.
  • Create a new website that provides patients with greater detail about hospital price and quality data. Present existing data in a more consumer-friendly format.
  • Continue to reduce health care costs through quality and patient safety efforts.

“Florida hospitals’ top priority is our patients, whether they are inside or outside our walls. The ‘Mission to Care’ initiative encompasses our commitment to increase access to health care, improve the quality of care and ultimately make health care more affordable,” said Bruce Rueben, FHA President.

Included in today’s announcement was the unveiling of the “Mission to Care” website, MissiontoCare.org. The site currently features hospital stories and reports as well as tools and resources to guide patients before, during and after their hospital stay.