Memorial Healthcare System – LivWell

Memorial Healthcare System - LivWell

This tri-lingual program provides comprehensive support for employed, low-income individuals to improve their quality of life by addressing social and environmental factors that contribute to poor health outcomes.

The United Way of Broward County, a LivWell program partner, found that more than 44 percent of Broward families earn less than the cost of living for the county. These working families do not earn enough to cover costs for housing, childcare, food, health care and transportation.

Focusing on personal health, finding affordable housing and accessing public transportation is difficult for people who struggle to make ends meet. As a result, low-income families may forgo preventive medical care and lack resources to properly manage chronic illnesses or establish healthy habits.

In June 2017, Memorial Healthcare System created the LivWell program to help Broward County’s most vulnerable residents. The goal was increasing access to care, reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes.

With funding and input from Memorial’s CEO and Board of Commissioners, LivWell offers wraparound case management, health education, physical activities and support services. The program employs a team of dedicated staff aligned with the demographics of those they serve. Many are fluent in Spanish and Creole.

LivWell teams use creative strategies, including:

  • Nutritionist-taught classes to increase knowledge of buying healthier food
  • Supermarket tours for reading labels and shopping healthy
  • Weekly walking club and fitness group sessions, such as yoga or Zumba
  • Links to local food banks to address food insecurity
  • Connections to primary care providers and medical homes
  • Workshops on credit counseling, citizenship and the Affordable Care Act
  • Demonstration of self-care behaviors to control diabetes and other chronic conditions
  • Alleviation of social isolation by engaging patients in pro-social, peer-driven activities
  • Elimination of transportation, linguistic and other barriers through community connections

LivWell is just getting started. By reaching out to Broward’s most vulnerable residents and making their concerns its own, Memorial is leading them towards a healthier future.