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Windmoor Healthcare Partners in the Community to Improve Mental Health

Clearwater, FL

Psychiatric Hospital

120 Beds

Psychiatric illness and chemical dependency devastate the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of patients and their families and friends. These diseases are progressive and potentially fatal, if left untreated. Windmoor Healthcare is dedicated to helping people through treatment and recovery, by providing and supporting patients through intervention, assessment and treatment services. The full-service psychiatric and substance abuse treatment facility is designed to provide help and individualized treatment approaches for people who are experiencing emotional challenges to help people navigate through their own personal situations.

Windmoor Healthcare’s devotion to the community extends well beyond the excellent care provided in the four walls of its treatment facility. The organization is actively involved in the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), raising support for community education, training, a telephone help line, and more. The hospital joins local agencies to provide training for local law enforcement officers, and the organization’s staff is continually involved in the community. For example, work with homeless shelters and community committees to understand and address community challenges led to offering free transportation to anyone needing access to a homeless shelter when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the local Crisis Intervention Team training for  law  enforcement  officers.  The program  provides  40  hours  of in-depth training to law enforcement officers to better equip them in responding to mental health issues on the street. By giving law enforcement officers a true picture of the challenges that individuals with mental illness experience, officers have a deeper understanding of their needs, as well as, awareness of available community resources to refer them for help.

Windmoor Healthcare’s partnership with NAMI enables additional community- based services for those with mental illness and their families. For the last six years, the hospital has hosted a bowling tournament, raising $25,000 or more each year. The funding and partnership helps NAMI continue to conduct family training and peer-to-peer trainings, including a 12-session, evidence-based program taught by trained family members and caregivers. NAMI also serves as an advocate to build support and awareness about mental illness, and maintains a crisis hotline for individuals with mental illness and their family members.

Through its years of experience and dedication, community involvement and partnership with NAMI, Windmoor Healthcare restores hope to its clients and their families.