Your Health Matters

Your hospital is safe and ready to care for you, no matter your health care need.

Hospitals care for people with communicable and infectious diseases every day. From flu and tuberculosis to measles and HIV, hospitals have a long history of managing infectious diseases and ensuring care is available for all patients.

Whether you need a medical procedure, emergency treatment, or inpatient stay, hospitals are doing everything possible to ensure that every Floridian gets the care he or she needs.

Five Things You Need to Know About Getting Health Care During COVID-19

  1. Hospitals and clinics are safe, clean, and equipped to care for you.
  2. COVID-19 is new. Hospitals’ management of infectious diseases is not.
  3. Hospital staff may ask you to follow new or different instructions. These are for your and others’ protection.
  4. Delaying or avoiding care very likely will make your condition or illness worse and could even be fatal.
  5. Keeping up with recommended and routine preventive care, including vaccinations, is everyone’s responsibility and helps preserve health care resources.