Hospital Visit Checklist

As you get ready for your hospital visit, here are some things to help you be more prepared.

  1. Ask your doctor if you need any pre-admission testing done prior to the date you are being admitted to the hospital, and make sure to have those tests completed.
  2. Bring your insurance card and identification, such as a driver’s license.
  3. If you don’t have a Health Care Directive, consider completing one so your family will know what your wishes are if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Talk to your doctor about creating a Health Care Directive.
  4. Consider bringing a family member or friend with you to any appointments and hospital visits.
  5. Know your medical history, including any allergies.
  6. Bring a list of current medications, including the name, dose and frequency. Make sure to list any vitamin or herbal supplements you are taking.
  7. Know your rights and responsibilities as a patient by reading the Florida Patient’s Bill of Rights.
  8. Ask your physician questions about the procedure, what to expect, how long you will be in the hospital and whether you will be sent home or to another facility to recover.
  9. If you aren’t sure what tests, procedures and specialists your insurance plan covers, contact your insurer to ask questions prior to your stay.
  10. Inform family and friends that you are going to the hospital and the name of the hospital. Once you are admitted, notify others of your room number or phone number in the hospital.
  11. Leave your valuables at home. Take only those things that you need to be comfortable during your stay.
  12. Learn more about what you can do to help prevent hospital errors. Visit the National Patient Safety Foundation website for information on preventing falls, infections and other complications.